In everyone’s life, at sometime, our inner strength just starts to burn out. Our voice just doesn’t seem to be heard, our frustration starts to consume our thoughts and it’s our child who is seen as not having a voice.

But our lives found that flame three years ago. And it was being introduced to Kelly as my daughter’s new Support Coordinator. I had no hesitation, but only such gratitude in following Kelly into her next journey. Kelly’s knowledge, dedication and commitment are an inspiration to be commended for. My daughter has been very unwell and needed hospitalisation. Kelly has supported us, bought me hot coffee, given me that shoulder to lean on, hours have passed by into the night and Kelly has been there for us.

Kelly has introduced my daughter to programs that only enhance her confidence, where she has been able to build great relationships with others. What once was such a stressful experience for my daughter in trying to express herself and have a voice, Kelly has connected us with such professional and empathetic workers. Kelly has taught us to always keep our faces toward the sunshine, and the shadows will always fall behind us. Thank You Kelly from the bottom of our hearts.

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