Kelly’s dedicated and committed.

In everyone’s life, at sometime, our inner strength just starts to burn out. Our voice just doesn’t seem to be heard, our frustration starts to consume our thoughts and it’s our child who is seen as not having a voice.

But our lives found that flame three years ago. And it was being introduced to Kelly as my daughter’s new Support Coordinator. I had no hesitation, but only such gratitude in following Kelly into her next journey. Kelly’s knowledge, dedication and commitment are an inspiration to be commended for. My daughter has been very unwell and needed hospitalisation. Kelly has supported us, bought me hot coffee, given me that shoulder to lean on, hours have passed by into the night and Kelly has been there for us.

Kelly has introduced my daughter to programs that only enhance her confidence, where she has been able to build great relationships with others. What once was such a stressful experience for my daughter in trying to express herself and have a voice, Kelly has connected us with such professional and empathetic workers. Kelly has taught us to always keep our faces toward the sunshine, and the shadows will always fall behind us. Thank You Kelly from the bottom of our hearts.

I would highly recommend Kelly from Sage.

Kelly has been exceptional for my son and I, from pre plan, plan review to implementation. Kelly is prompt and efficient, she has extensive knowledge of the NDIS and their systems which allowed Kelly to get the maximum use out of my plan focusing on my goals. She was able to explain my plan and assist me to understand each area of my plan.

I would highly recommend Kelly from Sage from pr-planning right the way through.

Sage Client – Name Withheld

She makes sure that every decision is made with the best interest of the entire family.

We finally found Kelly after working with numerous other support co-ordinators, that were not meeting our specific needs. Since starting our working relationship Kelly has impacted my family in so many ways. She makes sure that every decision is made with the best interest of the entire family. She has made sure that each new service is the right fit for our needs, and should it not be, she goes above and beyond to find us the right alternative. There is a constant flow of new information as services become available in the Geelong region, and Kelly will connect with them prior to introducing us to the provider and give us the pros and cons of each new service or activity. It saves me from having to work out what fits for all 4 of my children’s needs. There is care and attention given to my personal needs as well. Kelly makes checking in with me about my needs and support requirements a major part of the service she provides. The care taken for my wellbeing as a single parent with 4 special needs kids is just amazing. I am now starting to access Respite after much conversation with Kelly about making sure to take care of myself as part of the general wellbeing of our family. I would recommend Kelly time and time again without hesitation.

This Quote sums Kelly up to a T, as it is all the things she shows as part of her work ethic.

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you or gives you a sense of meaning, joy or passion”.

Terry Orlick