To say, that Adelle McCaskill is an amazing support co-ordinator, would be a massive understatement. Working alongside Adelle has been like a godsend, she’s like a guardian angel walking alongside me on my soul journey, step by step, bit by bit. The loving, caring and professionalism that Adelle possesses is full of inspiration, and lifts my spirit to a whole new level. I believe in myself and feel that my goals and aspirations are attainable and that the sky is the limit. I feel safe and in the best of care with Adelle as my support co-ordinator. When communicating and discussing my goals and what I would like to achieve in my N.D.I.S plans, I am forever changing and full of twists and turns. But no matter where my rollercoaster of emotions take me, Adelle is patient, flexible and never judgemental in her determination to help me live my best life. Her approach to working with me, has been most dignified and always of the highest of confidentiality. Adelle’s respect for me from the very first meeting we had has never faltered, no matter how testing I can be.

Adelle, thankyou from my heart to yours for blessing me with your support and endless compassion. Also for being able to have the best jokes along the way.

Love Always,

Janelle Williamson